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I make projects which help developers to build awesome things. I adore learning more about infosec & austrian economics. Ping me on twitter, check out my github, gitlab, Hell Yeah, or send me an email. My PGP is 697079DA6878B89B

Funding and donations

If you'd like to fund my work or donate a few dimes, here are possible options:
  • paulmillr.eth address @ ETH / zkSync / optimism / matic networks - any currency is accepted
  • GC Grant

What is the money going to be spent on

  • Development of new open-source software
  • Maintenance of existing libraries (requires a lot of time on its own)
  • Security research
  • Hiring third-party security auditors to audit the software
  • Education of newcomers

Take a look at Noble cryptography to understand what i'm working on nowadays.

Thank you!