Exoskeleton is a faster and leaner Backbone for your HTML5 apps.

Exoskeleton is just for you!

Get exoskeleton.js

or install with package managers:

  • bower install --save exoskeleton
  • component install paulmillr/exoskeleton

Why Exoskeleton

Optional deps

Underscore is 100% optional in Exoskeleton. You can just throw it away.

Instead of including 40K of gzipped JavaScript, you just need to include 8K — that's five times less! Use Backbone.NativeView and Backbone.NativeAjax to get rid of jQuery too.


Your views will be rendered up to 5.5 times faster* when Exoskeleton is used without jQuery. They will also consume 2 times less memory.

Mobile apps want this kind of performance.

* Tested view creating / rendering time using Exoskeleton against Backbone 1.1 + jQuery 2.0 in Chrome and Firefox.

Custom builds

Don't need Router? No problem. Using your own Models? You've got it!

All stuff for old browsers is out by default — IE10 is the minimum here.

Drop-in replacement

You can just replace Backbone with Exoskeleton and it will all work as before.

Exoskeleton passes 100% of Backbone and Chaplin test suites with or without dependencies.

Support for optional deps in other frameworks like Marionette is coming soon, our team is on it!

AMD modules

Exoskeleton is AMD and Common.js-friendly. ES6 support is coming soon.

Bower & component

Package managers support is here. Manage your exoskeleton dependency like it's 2013.

Regularly updated

Regular semver-compatible updates, that's it.

Custom features

Exoskeleton incorporates other great features and bugfixes.

Custom features

Also take a look at Exoskeleton changelog.

Differences from Backbone

Documentation, getting started and other stuff

For initial release, you can check out backbone docs. Exoskeleton docs are coming soon.

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