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This is demo of Steg (GitHub, npm), steganography library that allows to encrypt and hide arbitrary data inside png images.

  • Encodes data using least significant bits of PNG pixels.
  • Only PNGs are supported, JPGs cannot be used - every time you save them, they can get re-encoded and some data would be lost, which is a no-go for steganography
  • However, you could feed JPG to the encryption form, and it would be converted to PNG
  • Encrypts hidden data and its metadata with AES-GCM-256 + Scrypt. LSB bitsTaken are not encrypted, so it is slightly easier to understand something is hidden inside .png, however, since we are using encryption + padding, it's not trivial to understand what's exactly is inside.
  • Experimental. Use at your own risk.

Encrypt file and hide it inside image

Extract file from image and decrypt it

Technical information


  1. Calculate the capacity of png image at given `bitsTaken` and save it into `capacity`
  2. Create a flat byte array structure with 5 fields ABCDE, that represents file and its metadata:
    • A `bytes 0..1` name length, 4GB max
    • B `bytes 1..[1+name length]` name, 32 bytes max
    • C `bytes B..B+4` file size length, 4GB max
    • D `bytes C..[C+file length]` file contents
    • E `bytes D..end` padding filled with zeros - zeros are okay, since we encrypt them
  3. Encrypt ABCDE under given AES key with AES-GCM-256.
    • IV `bytes 0..12` taken from CSPRNG
    • ciphertext `bytes 12..(end-16)` encrypted ABCD
    • auth tag `bytes end-16..end` GCM authentication tag

The web app

  • We're using Scrypt; with N=2^19, r=8, p=1 and salt="steg-file"
  • If CSPRNG is not available, the app would crash
  • AES GCM Authentication Tag is calculated and verified properly